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Dry Body Brushing

Nessentials quotes the following article written by Jodie Smith, Australia. It contains all information that you want to know about dry brushing. If you do not want to order from Australia, Nessentials carries a huge variety of dry massage brushes with all different kinds of plant, bronze and pig bristles in different shapes and sizes from soft to very firm.


The Benefits of Dry Body Brushing

By Jodie Smith, Director Bodecare Distributions Pty Ltd. Australia

Dry body brushing is a traditional natural health practice, which involves brushing over the skin dry, followed by a shower or bath.

A lot of benefits of dry body brushing are not necessarily something you can only see… but also what you feel. My clients tell me they feel energized after brushing and the reason for that is body brushing stimulates our circulatory system. Dry body brushing stimulates the connective tissue attached to the capillaries sitting under the skin, to improve circulation travelling to the heart. It also assists the lymphatic flow around the body. The lymph relies on muscle movement to pass through the body so if you are not an active person, dry body brushing is a wonderful tool to stimulate the lymph flow so that you are ridding the body of waste and toxins daily. Some key benefits of dry body brushing are:

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymph is a very slow moving fluid whose function is to remove metabolic wastes and dead cells from our internal system and return it to the bloodstream. Through every day functions like breathing, exercise, blood circulation, the lymph is assisted in its ability to drain waste. Dry brushing stimulates the dense network of nerves that run just under the skin layer, which in-turn increase blood circulation and the function of the lymphatic system.


Toxins are tucked away in all parts of our body tissue. Metabolic waste can be stored as mucus in the respiratory system, cholesterol in artery walls, stones in kidneys, form crystals around joints, and build up in fatigued muscles. If not removed the metabolic wastes become toxins. Skin brushing lightly stimulates the nerves under the skin that connect to the lymphatic system, which assists in draining these toxins from the body.


Research from renowned Naturopaths have shown that cellulite formation is related, in part, to local vein and lymph congestion. Proper skin brushing speeds up metabolism, this helps break down the fatty deposits or toxins into the blood stream and release the waste from the body and therefore help to alleviate this condition.

Makes my skin glow?

Yes regular body brushing will make your skin glow because it is assisting the body in a number of functions like:

Tips and Tricks for Dry Brushing:


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Happy Brushing!
Jodie Smith
Bodecare Distributions Pty Ltd
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