Dusters There is nothing better than a goat's hair brush to pick up dust - it's very VERY dust attracting. Nessentials carries goat's hair dusters in all different sizes and shapes for the different cleaning tasks: to dust chandeliers, ceiling fans, TVs, PCs, Computers, Kindles, Notebooks, lamp shades, blinds, collectibles, carved furniture, books, dashboards, cars or anything that needs detail dusting. All goat's hair dusters are Made in Germany, some of them are hand made. We also carry a wide variety of sizes of ostrich feather dusters from South Africa. Those are still our favorite tools to dust chandeliers or a whole arrangement of collectibles at the same time.
Telescopic Handle 1.50 m - 4.10 m
Product ID : A1169
3-section extendable aluminium handle, adjustable head with thread, suitable...
Furniture Brush
Product ID : A3029
Oiled beechwood, all natural bristles, 19 cm. Leather string.
Detail Dust Brush Double 2-3 colors
Product ID : A3030
Shaped and oiled beech wood, soft goat's hair on one side for picking op...
Cushion Brush goat's hair
Hot Deal
Product ID : A3013
Oiled beechwood, all natural very soft goat's hair bristles, 30 cm.
Book Dust Brush Goat's Hair beechwood
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Product ID : A3003
Beechwood, goats hair, 26 cm. Made in Germany.
Books Dust Brush Goats Hair & Bristles
Product ID : A3004
Books Dust Brush Goat's Hair & Bristles
Duster Goats Hair 2-3 colors 80 cm
Product ID : A3021
80 cm waxed beechwood handle with 17.5 cm full long goats hair head which can...
Duster Wand Goats Hair White 34 cm
Product ID : A3023
Very pretty all purpose duster. 34 cm waxed pearwood handle, fixed head with...
Dust Brush Goats Hair large
Product ID : A3016
Waxed beechwood, very full goats hair, soft and dust attracting, 29 cm. Felt...
Dust Brush Goats Hair medium
Product ID : A3017
Waxed beechwood, very full goats hair, soft and dust attracting, 27 cm. Felt...
Dust Brush Goats Hair small
Product ID : A3018
Waxed beechwood, very soft and dust attracting goats hair, 25 cm. Redecker
Cobweb Broom Horsehair
Product ID : A3007
Waxed beechwood, horsehair, with thread, size: 36 cm. Made in Germany. For...
Fan Dust Brush Goats Hair with telescopic handle, light or grey hair
Product ID : A3006
Very soft and dust attracting goat's hair dusting brush with telescopic handle.
Grand Piano Soundboard Dusting Brush Goatshair
Product ID : A11003
Wooden grip, flexible wire with plastic protection, pure soft dust attracting...