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Fountain Pen Cleo Natura Birch
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Product ID : A77003
Stabilized wood: birch, palladium plated fittings, stainless steel grip, 18 K...
Fountain Pen Cleo Natura Green
Hot Deal
Product ID : A77002
stabilized wood: box elder, palladium plated fittings, stainless steel grip,...
Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Signature Collectors Stein
Hot Deal
Product ID : A17001
This stein features a custom tooled, fine pewter lid with a commemorative...
Shaving Set 3 matt
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Product ID : A 14051
Saving set rust free, badger hair shaving brush, razor Gillette Mach 3, rust...
Leather Tie Case
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Product ID : A100102
Leather Tie Case Made in Germany
Biker Marionette
Hot Deal
Product ID : A18035
Height ca. 18 inches, weight ca. 1.2 kg, handmade in Prague
Mens Leather Manicure Set "Antique"
Hot Deal
Product ID : 13101
leather, nail clipper, file, tweezers, Made in Germany
KJW Fountain Pen Maple Wood varnished
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Product ID : A77051
KJW Business Card holder Pear Wood
Product ID : A77080
Nail Brush Olivewood, Large
Product ID : A5107
Waxed olivewood, strong light bristles on both sides, size: 9.5 x 4.6 cm.
Nailbrush Thermowood Large black
Product ID : A5113
Nailbrush Thermowood large, black, Oiled Thermowood, strong black bristles,...
KJW Pencil Cherry Wood varnished
Product ID : A77061
Craftsmen Nail Brush
Product ID : A5102
waxed beechwood, strong natural boar's bristles Nail and Hand wash Brush
Doctor's Nail Brush
Product ID : A5199
waxed pearwood, strong natural boar's bristles Nail and Hand wash Brush
Mini Laptop Brush
Product ID : A11011
Soft goat's hair for dusting off the screen, bristles to clean in between the...