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Beard/Mustache Brush Boar's Bristles round Pear Wood Handle
stylish beard/mustache brush, round pear wood handle, natural boar's bristles
Boulder/ Climbing Brush
boulder brush, made of beech wood and strong natural boar's bristles
Doctor's Nail Brush
waxed pearwood, strong natural boar's bristles Nail and Hand wash Brush
Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Signature Collectors Stein
Rare collectors item! Only 500 of its kind.
Leather Tie Case
Leather Tie Case Made in Germany
Mens Leather Manicure Set "Antique"
leather, nail clipper, file, tweezers, Made in Germany
Mini Laptop Brush
Soft goat's hair for dusting off the screen, bristles to clean in between the...
Nailbrush Thermowood Large black
Nailbrush Thermowood large, black, Oiled Thermowood, strong black bristles,...
Shaving Set 3 matt
Shaving set badger hair shaving brush, razor Gillette Mach 3, brushed...
Soft Indoor Boule / Petanque / Boccia Set in wooden box
A set of 6 soft bristle boules in an attractive, robust wooden case with...
Fountain Pen Cleo Natura Birch
Stabilized wood: birch, palladium plated fittings, stainless steel grip, 18 K...
Fountain Pen Cleo Natura Green
stabilized wood: box elder, palladium plated fittings, stainless steel grip,...
Craftsmen Nail Brush
waxed beechwood, strong natural boar's bristles Nail and Hand wash Brush
Nail Brush Olivewood, Large
Waxed olive wood, strong light bristles on both sides