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Scrubbers and Mops Nessentials presents an assortment of quality made Scrubbers and Mops for the discerning eye.
Mopping Cloth
Product ID : A2020
to be used over all floor scrubbers with long handles, 100 % woven cotton, 18...
Scrubbing Brush Fiber S shape
Product ID : A2030
Scrubbing Brush Fiber, S-shape, untreated beechwood, all natural fiber, 18 cm.
Handle for Brooms and Scrubber Mops, with thread, varnished plus hole for hanging
Product ID : A1164
Wooden broom stick, with thread and hole for hanging, varnished, 140 cm x 2,4...
Handle for Brooms and Scrubber Mops, with thread, unvarnished, with hole
Product ID : A1161
Wooden broom stick, with thread, unvarnished, plus hole for hanging, 140 cm x...
Handle for Brooms and Scrubber Mops, without, unvarnished
Product ID : A1163
Wooden broom stick, without thread, unvarnished, 140 cm x 2,4 cm. Fits for...
Bathtub Brush small
Product ID : A2005
Untreated beechwood, natural fibre, 20 cm. Good for sinks too.
Scrubber Mop Union w. thread
Product ID : A2018
Untreated beechwood with thread, all natural strong Union fiber, 23.5 cm.
Scrubbing Brush Union S Shape
Product ID : A2026
S-shape, untreated beechwood, Union, 19 cm.