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Nessentials carries a wide variety of all natural body massage brushes for dry massaging your body, to exfoliate, remove dry skin, improve circulation, immune system, energy flow, to lower acid household and reduce cellulite. Materials: wood, natural boar's bristles, bronze wire or plant fibers. Made in Germany. 100 % natural.
Dry Body Brush Boar Bristles oval
Product ID : A5525
Dry skin brush with natural boar's bristles oval. Exfoliates and improves...
Dry Body Brush Boar's Bristles Round small
Product ID : A5520
3 " Dry skin brush with natural boar's bristles round. Exfoliates and...
Vegan Dry Body Brush long plant fibers
Product ID : A5522
Vegan dry skin brush with long natural Tampico fiber bristles. Exfoliates and...
Massage Brush Children
Product ID : A5503
Waxed beechwood with soft light bristles, all natural, Made in Germany.
Wellfit Dry Massage Brush
Hot Deal
Product ID : A5506
Dry skin brush with natural horsehair and stiff tampico bristles. Exfoliates...
Soft Face Dry Massage Brush Goats Hair
Product ID : A5404
Waxed olivewood with pure ultrasoft goat's hair, 16 cm. Dry massage only.
All Natural Face Massage Brush Soft Bristles
Product ID : A5405
Waxed olivewood with all natural light soft bristles, 16 cm
Back Creamer
Hot Deal
Product ID : A5406
Oiled beechwood, 50 cm. Comes with 3 cotton pads - available in every...
Facial Brush Oval
Product ID : A5408
oiled beechwood, all natural light soft bristles, 7 cm. Made in Germany.
Facial Brush With Handle
Product ID : A5409
Oiled beech wood with very soft goat's hair bristle, 14 cm.