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Thank you so much! My hand brush arrived today, I was amazed at how quickly it came.

I ordered all my brushes and brooms from you about 4-5 years ago and I love each one. For me they each have their own designated use.
This one is a present for my best friend who was complaining about her Swifers. I know she’ll be a convert.

Hopefully you’re not discontinuing the Redecker line. Not crazy about the look of the fancy patterned ones for some reason.

Happy Thanksgiving from Plymouth, Massachusetts
I just found your site!! I placed an order immediately. Horse Hair brush etc. It is so wonderful to find real craftsmanship. I will tell all my friends. Thank you for creating your web site and making these products available!!!!
Hello Nessentials Team,

I am so glad i found you online as I have been looking for animal hair brooms for quite a while. My grandma used to have a set (the same broom, hand brush and metal dustpan for decades!) and I was always in charge of sweeping her kitchen when I stayed with my grandparents. All the plastic items that are for sale in the regular stores are not good quality and do not perform the same job as the 'old-school' products. Your items bring my childhood back to me and are amazing to use! Thank you so much for the quick processing - i am so happy with the products I ordered!


That's fine; I can wait. I placed a second order today as well; order #xxxx. Since there is a possibility of my first order, order #xxxx, being delayed, would it possible to combine both orders and ship them to me at the same time? If so, would you be able to adjust the handling fees and total shipping cost? And you would bill my debit card once for shipping?

I hope you and your family remain safe from the hurricane.

Hi Nadja,

I was just writing to let you know how happy I am that you fixed this for me! The brush is beautiful. Thanks so much again for everything!


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