Massage Brushes

Anti Cellulite Brush
Product ID : A5501
Waxed beechwood with round maplewood pins, cotton strap, 13,5 cm.
Body Ionic Massage Brush
Product ID : A5502
Made in Germany. Waxed beechwood, fine bronze wire with horsehair rim,...
Massage Brush Children
Product ID : A5503
Waxed beechwood with soft light bristles, all natural, Made in Germany.
Massage Brush Pearwood
Product ID : A5504
Waxed pearwood with medium strong light bristles, cotton strap. Imprint:...
Massage Brush Thermowood
Product ID : A5505
Thermowood with light medium bristles and cotton strap.
Wellfit Massage Brush
Product ID : A5506
Waxed beechwood with a mixture of horsehair and natural fiber bristles,...
Wooden Massage Roller 1 Foot
Product ID : A5507
Wooden Massage Roller 1 Foot Beechwood
Wooden Massage Roller 2 Feet
Product ID : A5508
Wooden Massage Roller 2 Feet Beechwood
Back Creamer
Product ID : A5406
Oiled beechwood, 50 cm. Comes with 3 cotton pads - available in every...
Back Scratcher
Product ID : A5407
Oiled beechwood, pure all natural bristles, 51 cm.