More Brushes

More Brushes
Fly Swatter Leather
Product ID : A11006
Leather Fly Swatter
Hat Brush black bristles
Product ID : A9011
same as A9007 but with black bristles
Mini Laptop Brush
Product ID : A11011
Soft goat's hair for dusting off the screen, bristles to clean in between the...
Neck Brush
Product ID : A11010
To remove hair after hair cut. Oiled beechwood, black horse hair.
Table Sweeper
Product ID : A11012
Cute hedgehog table-sweeper.
Table Sweeping Set, Beechwood
Product ID : A4611
2 magnetic pieces: beechwood table brush with long bristles, stainless steel...
Cushion Brush
Product ID : A3013
Oiled beechwood, all natural soft boar's bristles, 30 cm.
Computer Brush Thermowood
Product ID : A3012
Thermowood with one side: soft, dust attracting black goats hair for screens,...
Computer Brush Light
Product ID : A3011
Oiled beechwood with one side: soft, dust attracting goats hair for screens,...
Dryer Lint Brush
Product ID : A3001
Very flexible handle, dust attracting goats hair, conical bristle area...
Table Brush
Product ID : A11001
Beechwood with pure light bristles, 24 cm. Imprint "Tischbesen".
Cleaning Brush
Product ID : A11002
Flexible wire, Nylon bristles, 125 cm total length x 15 cm bristle length x...
Radiator Brush Goatshair
Product ID : A11003
Wooden grip, flexible wire with plastic protection, pure soft dust attracting...
Fly Swatter Wire
Product ID : A11004
Mouse Trap
Product ID : A11005
To catch mice alive with bait.
Comb and Brush Cleaner
Product ID : A5315
oiled beechwood, wire to remove hair and dust easily from hairbrushes, combs,...