More Brushes

More Brushes
Bathtub Shelve Beech Wood
Beech wood, 74 x 20 cm, adjustable. With candle-, book- and wine glass...
Bathtub Shelve Fish Redecker
Thermowood 75 x 21 cm by Redecker
Brush Cleaning Brush
oiled beechwood, wire to remove hair and dust easily from hairbrushes, combs,...
Car/Window Wash Brush Soft Horse Hair
wood handle with soft horsehair, length 40 cm, rounded brush head width 20 cm
Dry Massage Face Brush Hand Made
for dry massage only
Flower Pot Brush Large
Length: 11 inches, wider diameter 7 inches, narrow diameter 4 inches.
Foot scraper with Bootjack
Hat Brush black bristles
same as A9007 but with black bristles
Mini Laptop Brush
Soft goat's hair for dusting off the screen, bristles to clean in between the...
Neck Brush
To remove hair after hair cut. Oiled beechwood, black horse hair.
Neck Duster Goat's Hair hand made
Great tool for hairdressers to bush off loose hair.
Pool Table Cleaning Brush natural soft boar's bristles
Soft natural boar's bristles will brush off all dust and dirt from delicate...
Table Sweeper Hedgehog
Cute hedgehog table-sweeper with horse hair bristles.
Toilet Brush Set Beechwood