discontinued items on sale

Nessentials products that are being discontinued like natural brushes and beauty instruments for sale.
Advent Wreath 4 candle holders, small square
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Product ID : A88005
Advent wreath made of rattan, nature, 4 candle holders, 10 x 25 cm
Advent Wreath 4 Candles White small
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Product ID : A88001
Rattan and willow, 4 candle holders, white washed, 12 x 32.5 cm, without...
Advent Wreath 4 glass tea light holder, metal Christmas Tree
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Product ID : A88007
Advent wreath "Christmas Tree", metal, white, 4 tea light candle holders, 20...
Advent Wreath Wood Tray 4 candle holders
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Product ID : A88004
Advent wreath wood tray, 4 candle holders
Bobslet Helmet Snowmen
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Product ID : A16512
Car/Window Wash Brush Soft Horse Hair
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Product ID : A9091
wood handle with soft horsehair, length 40 cm, rounded brush head width 20 cm
Cat Brush stiff bristles
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Product ID : A10000
oiled beechwood with natural stiff boars bristles
Chef Marionette Wood
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Product ID : A 18057
wooden hand carved face, hands and feet. Length: body 24 inches plus strings....
Christmas Pyramid Angel Choir
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Product ID : A16402
Christmas Pyramid Nativity Scene Classic
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Product ID : A16403
Cleaning Brush Set natural pig bristle wool head
Hot Deal
Product ID : A4230
Save big with this set of 5 different sizes of natural pig bristle cleaning...
Copper/Microfiber Cloth
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Product ID : A4309
One side copper cloth, the other side microfiber cloth. Especially for...
Dust Brush 2-3 colors Goat's Hair 80 cm
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Product ID : A3065
Hand made Dust Brush Goat's Hair with 80 cm wooden handle, 3 colors
Flower Pot Brush Large
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Product ID : A9090
Length: 11 inches, wider diameter 7 inches, narrow diameter 4 inches.
Hair brush red wood bristles with pins in cushion large
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Product ID : A 5387
red varnished beechwood, 11 rows of natural boar's bristles mixed with...
Hair brush red wood bristles with pins in cushion long
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Product ID : A 5388
red varnished beechwood, natural boar's bristles mixed with plastic pins in...
Hair brush red wood bristles with pins in cushion small
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Product ID : A 5386
red varnished beechwood,natural boar's bristles mixed with plastic pins in...
Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Signature Collectors Stein
Hot Deal
Product ID : A17001
This stein features a custom tooled, fine pewter lid with a commemorative...
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