discontinued items on sale

Nessentials products that are being discontinued like natural brushes and beauty instruments for sale.
Smoker Mrs. Santa Clause with goose/turkey
Hot Deal
Product ID : A 166120
Smoker Mrs. Santa Clause, 11 cm high
Radiator / Blind Dust Brush
Hot Deal
Product ID : A 3052
strong tail horse hair in 3 directions brushes off all surfaces and reaches...
Car/Window Wash Brush Soft Horse Hair
Hot Deal
Product ID : A9091
wood handle with soft horsehair, length 40 cm, rounded brush head width 20 cm
Flower Pot Brush medium
Hot Deal
Product ID : A9090
Length: 30 cm, wider diameter 13 cm, end diameter 7 cm.
Cleaning Brush Set natural pig bristle wool head
Hot Deal
Product ID : A4230
Save big with this set of 5 different sizes of natural pig bristle cleaning...
Copper/Microfiber Cloth
Hot Deal
Product ID : A4309
One side copper cloth, the other side microfiber cloth. Especially for...
Carpet Fringe Comb
Hot Deal
Product ID : A 3087
Carpet Fringe Comb by Redecker 72 cm.
Moustache Wax
Hot Deal
Product ID : A 14948
Taylor Old Bond Street moustache wax, 0.5 oz = 15 ml
Neck Duster Goat's Hair hand made
Hot Deal
Product ID : A3080
Great tool for hairdressers to bush off loose hair.
Pool Table Cleaning Brush natural soft boar's bristles
Hot Deal
Product ID : A3090
Soft natural boar's bristles will brush off all dust and dirt from delicate...
Chef Marionette Wood
Hot Deal
Product ID : A 18057
wooden hand carved face, hands and feet. Length: body 24 inches plus strings....
Travel Shaving & Manicure Set
Hot Deal
Product ID : A14050
Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Gillette Mach 3 razor with short chrome handle...
Leather Tie Case
Hot Deal
Product ID : A100102
Leather Tie Case Made in Germany
Dusting Broom Goat's Hair 3 colors
Hot Deal
Product ID : A3061
very dust attracting floor broom hand made with goat's hair
Make Up Brush Set with Bag
Hot Deal
Product ID : A5440
Make Up Brush Bag, very soft leather imitation, equipped with all our 9 Make...
Cobweb Brush Arenga
Hot Deal
Product ID : A1191
Cobweb Brush Arenga, untreated beechwood, Arenga, with thread, Made in Germany
Angel Bouncie
Hot Deal
Product ID : 250105
Angel bouncie made of wood and fabric.
Smoker Ski Elch
Hot Deal
Product ID : 166203
Smoker Ski Elch, 11 cm high
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