discontinued items on sale

Nessentials products that are being discontinued like natural brushes and beauty instruments for sale.
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Car/Window Wash Brush Soft Horse Hair
Hot Deal
wood handle with soft horsehair, length 40 cm, rounded brush head width 20 cm
Cat Brush stiff bristles
Hot Deal
oiled beechwood with natural stiff boars bristles
Cleaning Brush Set natural pig bristle wool head
Hot Deal
Save big with this set of 5 different sizes of natural pig bristle cleaning...
Copper/Microfiber Cloth
Hot Deal
One side copper cloth, the other side microfiber cloth. Especially for...
Flower Pot Brush medium
Hot Deal
Length: 30 cm, wider diameter 13 cm, end diameter 7 cm.
Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Signature Collectors Stein
Hot Deal
This stein features a custom tooled, fine pewter lid with a commemorative...
A 10031
Horse Finishing Brush Horse Hair
Hot Deal
Made in Germany. Top quality horse finishing brush with brown wood block,...
Horse Grooming Brush Bristles
Hot Deal
Made in Germany. Top quality horse grooming brush with brown wood block,...
Leather Tie Case
Hot Deal
Leather Tie Case Made in Germany
Make Up Brush Set with Bag
Hot Deal
Make Up Brush Bag, very soft leather imitation, equipped with all our 9 Make...
Neck Duster Goat's Hair hand made
Hot Deal
Great tool for hairdressers to bush off loose hair.
Pool Table Cleaning Brush natural soft boar's bristles
Hot Deal
Soft natural boar's bristles will brush off all dust and dirt from delicate...
A 3052
Radiator / Blind Dust Brush
Hot Deal
strong tail horse hair in 3 directions brushes off all surfaces and reaches...
Travel Shaving & Manicure Set
Hot Deal
Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Gillette Mach 3 razor with short chrome handle...
A13601 Compact Mirror, Gold/Black
Hot Deal
compact mirror with Swarovski chrystals in velvet bag - display mirrors on sale
A13602 Compact Mirror, Silver/Black
Hot Deal
compact mirror refined with Swarovski Chrystals - display mirrors on sale
Pot Brush
Hot Deal
Natural beechwood with very stiff Union fiber.
Veggie Brush
Hot Deal
Natural beech wood with 2 different natural plant fiber bristles
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