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Shipping Policy



A secure shopping cart is provided for ease of ordering. Put as many items in your cart as you wish (you can remove any items if you change your mind, or change quantities) before finalizing your order. The items placed in your shopping cart will remain there for your convenience if you decide to come back another time to make a purchase. To "check out" and submit your order, click on "check out" located on each page, and follow the purchasing instructions.

Your credit card will be charged twice: the first time when you submit your order your credit card will be charged for the items and the handling fee, the second time when your order is about to be shipped your credit card will be charged for the exact shipping costs (see below: SHIPPING COSTS).>Small packages with less than 13 ounces weight will be shipped for FREE!(US mainland only)

If prices should change prior to shipping, we will notify you of any change if possible. We reserve the right to invoice products at prevailing prices at the time of purchase or shipment.


Our goal is next day shipping on orders received by 1:00 PM EST, Tuesday through Friday, except holidays, provided we have sufficient product inventory to ship your complete order or with your approval, a partial order with the remainder sent at a later date.


For normal shipments and deliveries, we charge $5.00 per order to cover the cost of materials like boxes, labels, tape etc. For Packages less than 13 ounces the shipping cost are covered by the handling fee and these will be shipped for FREE!(US mainland only)


F.O.B. point of origin. Title, risk of loss and damage during transit pass to the customer upon delivery to or receipt by carrier. Unless specified otherwise by you, we will select the most economical and expedient method of shipment.


Shipping charges are based on your order total and will be charged to your credit card separately prior to shipping.

Normal delivery is USPS United States Postal Service Priority Mail Shipping unless all the ordered items fit in a small box with less than 15 ounces weight, then they are shipped First Class Mail for free.(US mainland only)

The actual shipping costs for USPS as of 5/31/2015:

Packages up to 84 inches (length and girth combined) are between $ 6.25 and $ 38.68 depending on destination and weight (up to 15 pounds).
Large Packages between 84 and 108 inches (length and girth combined) are between $ 10.26 (within Florida) and $ 45.62 depending on destination and weight (up to 20 pounds).

Shipping costs are subject to changes without notice.>Packages less than 15 ounces will be shipped for FREE!

Most of all orders can be shipped in the category "Packages", also brooms with handles. Large Packages are required for combinations of a broom handle and an item that is wider or higher than 5 inches, for example a broom and a dustpan.

For your protection, we will insure packages with a value of more than $ 150.00 for ca. $ 2.50 - $ 4.99. If you do not want insurance or want insurance on packages with lesser value, please leave us a note with your order.

Shipping costs may vary depending on size, weight and destination. If the shipping costs will exceed half of the total price of the ordered items, we will contact you prior to shipping.

The exact shipping costs will be charged to your credit card at time of shipping.

In Florida expect a USPS delivery time of 3-5 days. Outside of Florida expect a delivery time of 7 - 10 days. Delivery time for Priority mail is 2 - 3 days. If faster shipping is required, please call 941 928 9048 for a custom quote.

Our ultimate goal is to break even on our true shipping and packaging costs; we do not intend to make a profit on shipping.


Click on the Click Here below to track the progress of your package(s). You will need to enter your confirmation number to do this. That number is on the shipping confirmation E-mail we recently sent you. Call us to confirm or if you have any questions.

Click Here to track the progress of your USPS package.

Click Here to track the progress of your UPS package.


All prices are subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to accurately list prices. AVAILABILITY Products listed are subject to availability at the time of order. We will notify you if an item you ordered is unavailable.

RETURNS No returns for international shipping orders

Our Mission
Nessentials provides only highest quality products. Every single item will be controlled before shipping and will have no damages or defects. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If – however - a product reaches you in damaged or defect condition you can claim for damage within 24 hours of receipt of shipment and return it for a full exchange or refund within 30 days of receipt. As colors may vary in all wooden products and also in the appearance on every screen, the color of an item is NOT a reason for returns.

Returning Damaged/ Defective Items
In cases of damage or defect, any claims for damage must be made within 24 hours of receipt of shipment via email.

The return process can often be expedited by providing a digital image of the damage or defect (along with a clear description of the problem) in an email to our customer support team. In many cases, action (in the form of exchange or refund) can be taken as soon as substantiation of the claim has been provided by the customer.

If the damage / defect cannot be verified over the phone or via email contact, the item may be required to return to Nessentials for inspection before a determination can be made as to the state of the product.

Who covers the return shipping cost?
Nessentials will provide a prepaid return shipping label in cases where items have arrived in damaged condition or are confirmed by a Nessentials representative to be defective.

For all other cases, return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Under no circumstance does Nessentials reimburse (or provide credit) for return shipping costs incurred by the customer. If a product is damaged or defective, the recipient must make arrangements with Nessentials support as to how the return should be handled prior to placing the items back in transit to Nessentials.

How to request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)
Contact us through the online "Contact Us" form to request Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. You must make this request within 10 days of receiving the shipment.
• Write "Return Authorization Request" as the topic for your message.
• Please define the product that you are requesting authorization for including your order number and item number.
• Be sure to specify the reason for the return request next and indicate any preference for replacement or refund.
• Attach documents to proactively provide digital images of damaged or defective products.

What the Return Process Usually Entails
1. Print and fill out the Nessentials Return form (usually included in the initial reply to your RMA request)
2. Include the paperwork in your returning package along with your returning items.
3. Write the RMA number conspicuously on the outside of the package to ensure proper routing upon receipt
4. Ship the package to:
532 Pineapple Avenue South
Sarasota, FL 34236

You will be notified when your return is received at our facilities with an indication as to what. If you have requested a refund, be advised that returning funds usually take 7-10 days to appear in the account used to make the purchase (depending on the processing speed of the bank that issued the funds).

Still need help? Contact us!
Your team at Nessentials.

Phone: 941 928 9048
(Tuesday through Saturday, 11 am to 4 pm EST, except holidays)


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