Shoe Brushes

Shoe Brushes From shoe cleaning brushes over shoe polish brushes to all sizes of shoe shining brushes and special brushes like goat's hair dusting brushes and suede and velcro brushes, all made of natural materials like wood and natural bristles like horse or goat's or yak hair, we carry a huge variety of high quality natural brushes to meet your needs for taking care of your shoes. Made in Germany, Nessentials.
Shoe brush Set horse hair medium
Product ID : A7031
Standard version in a cardboard box, 20 x 24 cm. Shoe cleaning brush arenga...
Shoe brush Travel Set 2
Product ID : A7034
Shoe cleaning brushes in a black bag, 14 x 24 x 4.5 cm. Shoe cleaning brush...
Shoe Cleaning Box 1
Product ID : A7002