Room Broom Split Horsehair

Room Broom Split Horsehair Sweeper Made in Germany Nessentials Sarasota
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Price: $59.99
Product ID : A1104
Manufacturer: Keller



Waxed beech wood body with deep thread, pure, strong brown split horsehair. 29 cm x 5,3 cm. Horse Hair Sweeps are champion performers on smooth floors. This broom is able to sweep up the tiniest bits of dust and dirt. It is especially effective on tile and wood floors because its natural characteristics keep it from scratching the floor. Made in Germany. Do not forget to order a matching handle with thread (A 1175, A1161 or A1164).

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Reviewed by litlfletch
litlfletch bought "Room Broom Split Horsehair" on our website
02/03/2017 - 11:07:29 PM
Excellent broom, lives up to the description!
I purchased this broom as a "housewarming gift" to myself, as my husband and I bought an old home with all original hardwood floors. I didn't want to use any average broom in fear of scraping the wood. I also have a pet peeve with brooms that leave behind a lot of dirt particles or scatter them around, creating more work for myself. I received my order in March 2016, so I've been using it for almost a year. It works VERY well and meets all my criteria for a great broom. The only other cleaning device that can get the floor cleaner is my Dyson vacuum, so for a general daily cleaning, this broom does the job. Its bristles are incredibly soft, which leaves the floors free of scratches. If you buy this broom, make sure you remove hairs and large dust pieces on occasion from the bristles so they don't build up! Also hang the broom so the bristles aren't resting on the floor.

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