Kolinsky Rubens and Red Sable Brushes

Kolinsky Rubens and Red Sable Brushes
The most valuable brushair is obtained from the tails of the Sibirian "Kolinsky", a weasel living in the extreme cold regions of Sibiria and China. The very fine hair tapers from the belly half between tip and root to a point at the natural tip. The special features are it's excellent elasticity and extreme ability to absorb, hold and manipulate the color. Kolinsky Brushes are the best choice wherever the highest precision is required.
Kolinsky Brush Set of 3
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Product ID : A 29505
3 hand made Kolinsky Rubens artist paint brushes sizes 3/0, 0, 2.
Kolinsky Brush 2
Product ID : A29007
Size 2 Kolinsky Rubens artist paint brush. 11 mm long hair, diameter 2.4 mm....
Kolinsky Brush 0
Product ID : A29005
Size 0 (very fine)Kolinsky Rubens artist paint brush. 8 mm long hair,...