Brooms & Brushes

Brooms & Brushes New arrivals: UX The Super broom from Switzerland: and We also carry a lot of different classical German broom heads, all of them have natural horsehair or goat's hair.
Brush Cleaning Brush
oiled beechwood, wire to remove hair and dust easily from hairbrushes, combs,...
Cabinet broom
wood handle with horsehair, designed for grabbing cobwebs and dust behind or...
Swiss Move Broom Smokey with Handle and UX Dustpan/Brush Set Kombi 3
Buy 2 products and get to use 3: full broom, dustpan and brush set, UX 16 for...
Swiss UX Broom Handle
Novelty! Metal handle, 5 parts, 135 cm when assembled.
UX Horse Hair Brush and Dustpan Set
Pure horsehair brush and dustpan set.
Spring Cleaning Brush Set 2
Save $ 35 with this set: ingenious broom, scrubber, 1 handle, dustpan and...
Swiss Move Broom Smokey , Scrubber, Handle and Dustpan Set Kombi 4
ingenious broom, scrubber, handle, dustpan and brush set
Table Sweeper Hedgehog Black Horse Hair
Cute hedgehog table-sweeper with long black horse hair bristles.
Table Sweeper Hedgehog set of 2
hedgehog table-sweeper 1 has black horse hair, 1 has white goat's hair bristles.
Table Sweeper Hedgehog, goat's hair
hedgehog soft goat's hair bristles
Table Sweeper Hedgehog, split horse hair
hedgehog split horse hair bristles.
Dusting Broom Goat's Hair 3 colors
very dust attracting floor broom hand made with goat's hair
Hand Made Room Broom Horse Hair
All natural waxed beech wood, pure horse hair 2 colors, head with thread, 30...
Room Broom Exclusive
Waxed beechwood with thread, pure full long horse-tail-hair. 30 cm x 5,2 cm....
Room Broom Pure Horsehair
100 % Pure Horsehair Broom, Handle not included.
Room Broom Split Horsehair
Waxed beechwood with thread, pure brown split horsehair. 29 cm x 5,3 cm....
Spring Cleaning Set 1
Save $ 30 with this set of one horse hair broom with wooden handle, scrubber...
Swiss Move Broom Smokey Horse Hair
Swiss Move Broom Smokey Head, 100 % Horse Hair, 4 position joint - handle not...
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We carry different classical German broom heads, all of them have 100 % natural horsehair, The difference between them is the length and amount of hair as well as the mixture of horse mane and tail hair. The mane hair is softer and in the long run less sturdy than the tail hair. Model A1101 has mane hair. A1105 has only tail hair and the most and longest hair. The more hair a broom has the more dirt is picked up in one sweep. The split horsehair broom has only tail hair and split tips at the end and is especially good for sweeping up a lot of dust or fine sand. All brooms are very good brooms, the amount and quality of the hair makes the price difference. The Swiss Broom OEKO is 10 cm wider than the other broom heads. Please do not forget to order a matching handle (German thread size). The little brush cleaning brush A 5315 is very helpful to clean the broom after use so that it performs at it's best all the time for a very long time.