Chungking Bristle Brushes (oil, acryl)

Chungking Bristle Brushes (oil, acryl)
Natural bristle is very elastic and resilient. During lifetime, the tip splits into two or more "flags", thus enabling the bristles to absorb enough color. There are black, grey and dun bristles. The white bristles known from artist's brushes are bleached. We carry a selection of the best handmade bristle brushes at Nessentials. The RUBENS Interlocked Artist's" Bristle brushes. These brushes are made from the best curved Chungking bristles. The interlocked construction (several inward-curved bundles of bristles are tied up) is a challenge for a brushmaker and requires a lot of diligence and experience. All brushes in seamless nickel plated ferrules with long lacquered handles.
Leonhardy Chung King Bristle Brush Set of 12, Hand Made
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Product ID : A 29700
5 Rubens, 4 Angled, 3 Fan Brushes. High End Chung King Bristle, hand made by...
Leonhardy Fan Brush Set of 3, Hand Made
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Product ID : 270001
3 Fan Brushes sizes 5, 6 and 8. High end Chung King Bristle, hand made by...