Kitchen Brushes

Kitchen Brushes A wide assortment of natural bristle brushes to be used in the kitchen, like dish and pot brushes, vegetable brushes, mushroom brushes, fruit brushes, cleaning brushes, bottle brushes, basting brushes and many more, Made in Germany, Nessentials.
“Useful Gifts” Set Kitchen 11 Brushes in Tin Cup
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Product ID : A 5252
Safe $ 20 on this 11 piece set of plastic free kitchen brushes. Made in Germany.
5- Piece Set Natural Fiber Kitchen Brushes Vegan, Shipping included
Product ID : A 4111
Safe $ 5 on this 5 piece set of natural plant fiber kitchen brushes. Made in...
Cleaning Brush Set natural pig bristle wool head
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Product ID : A4230
Save big with this set of 5 different sizes of natural pig bristle cleaning...
Copper Cloth Set of 2, Shipping included
Product ID : A4301
Set of 2. For stainless steel pots, pans, sink, glassstovetop, glass, high...
Dish Brush Fiber 7 cm with 3 replacement heads
Product ID : A 4109-3
Natural beech wood handle and head with firm plant fibers. Diameter 7 cm....
Folding Knive with Brush for Mushrooms / Carving
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Product ID : A1 11030
folding knife, Made in Germany: stainless steel, wood, natural bristles
Pot Brush Union Set of 2, Shippimg included
Product ID : A4313
Pot Brush, Natural beechwood with very stiff Union fiber.
4 Replacement Heads Dish Brush Fiber 7 cm
Product ID : A 4109-4
4 replacement heads with firm plant fibers for dish brush fiber 7 cm
Cleaning Brush Set natural pig bristles, small
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Product ID : A 4231
Save big with this set of 5 different sizes of natural pig bristle mini...
Ebnat Joint and Grout Brush Grey
Product ID : A 4901
can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, WC etc. for sparkling clean joints,...
Sink Set
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Product ID : A4307
3 brushes: overflow brush, drain brush, hair catcher brush.
Universal Cleaning Brush
Product ID : A 4900
phenomenal universal brush for cleaning narrow hard to reach spaces
Decanter Brush
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Product ID : A4213
Total length: 47 cm, bristle area 12 cm, diameter 6.5 cm
Bottle Cleaning Brush with Wool Head Giant
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Product ID : A4216
63 cm total length, 21 cm bristle area, 7 cm diameter. (25 - 8.5 - 2.75 inches)
Fruit Brush
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Product ID : A4101
Oiled Thermowood with one half softer light bristles and the other half...
Cleaning Brush 4 cm natural pig bristles, wool head 9993500
Product ID : A4221
Great little cleaning brush for cups and glasses!
Copper/Microfiber Cloth
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Product ID : A4309
One side copper cloth, the other side microfiber cloth. Especially for...