More Brushes

More Brushes
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A 5251
"Useful Gifts" Set Beechwood: Hair-, Nail-, Facial-, Body-, Cleaning Brush
Hot Deal
Gift Set of 5 Beechwood brushes in tin box. Save $ 26.00! Head Massage Brush,...
A 5910
Beard/Mustache Brush Boar's Bristles round Pear Wood Handle
stylish beard/mustache brush, round pear wood handle, natural boar's bristles
A 11033
Beekeeper's Broom
A unique hand made brush with soft light horse hair bristles in a beech wood...
Brush Cleaning Brush
oiled beechwood, wire to remove hair and dust easily from hairbrushes, combs,...
Computer Brush Light
Hot Deal
Oiled beechwood with one side: soft, dust attracting goats hair for screens,...
Computer Brush Thermowood
Hot Deal
Thermowood with one side: soft, dust attracting black goats hair for screens,...
Dry Massage Face Brush Hand Made
for dry massage only
A 4901
Ebnat Joint and Grout Brush Grey
can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, WC etc. for sparkling clean joints,...
Hat Brush black bristles
same as A9007 but with black bristles
Mini Laptop Brush
Soft goat's hair for dusting off the screen, bristles to clean in between the...
Neck Brush
Hot Deal
To remove hair after hair cut. Oiled beechwood, black horse hair.
PC Brush Goat's Hair Hand Made
Hot Deal
Soft goat's hair for dusting off the screen and clean in between the keys....
A 17001
Table Sweeper Hedgehog Set of 3
Save big on this cute hedgehog table-sweeper set of 3!
A 11031
Tea Timer
Hot Deal
A 11032
Toothbrush Timer
Hot Deal
A 4900
Universal Cleaning Brush
phenomenal universal brush for cleaning narrow hard to reach spaces
Table Sweeper Hedgehog Black Horse Hair
Cute hedgehog table-sweeper with long black horse hair bristles.
A 11015
Table Sweeper Hedgehog set of 2
hedgehog table-sweeper 1 has black horse hair, 1 has white goat's hair bristles.