Horse & Pet Brushes

Horse & Pet Brushes Horse & Pet Brushes
Brush Cleaning Brush
Product ID : A5315
oiled beechwood, wire to remove hair and dust easily from hairbrushes, combs,...
Metal Comb
Product ID : A10020
For cleaning goats hair and horse hair products. Beechwood handle, stainless...
Horse Grooming Brush large
Hot Deal
Product ID : A10011
Made in Germany. Stiff horse grooming brush, dense with strong bristles made...
Horsetail brush wood pins
Product ID : A10015
Lacquered beechwood classic brown, elastic strap, wooden pins in coutchouc,...
Youth - Horse Body Brush medium
Hot Deal
Product ID : A10019
Made in Germany. Top quality horse grooming brush for smaller hands and...
Horsetail Brush Metal Pins
Product ID : A10014
Lacquered beechwood, metal pins in rubber, elastic strap, 11.5 cm x 7 cm.
Cat Brush
Product ID : A10001
Beechwood classic brown, pure natural light bristles, rn18,5 cm x 4.5 cm....
Cat Brush stiff bristles
Product ID : A10000
oiled beechwood with natural stiff boars bristles
Horse Head - and Body Brush small
Product ID : A10012
Made in Germany. Top quality horse head brush or horse body brush for...
Dog Brush Brass and Bristles
Product ID : A10002
Lacquered beechwood, alternating rows of pure brass bristles and strong black...
Dog Brush Oval boars bristles
Product ID : A10004
oiled beechwood, strap, pure natural black boars bristles, 13,5 cm x 7 cm....
Stiff Horse Grooming Brush large
Product ID : A10017
Made in Germany. Stiff Horse grooming brush, all natural, dense with coarse...
Horse Curry Comb Brass and Bristles large
Product ID : A10009
A very effective horse grooming brush with all natural materials. Natural...
Horse Body Brush round
Product ID : A10007
Very pretty horse grooming brush with mahagony colored beechwood body, 13 cm...
Horse Head Brush Goats Hair small
Product ID : A10013
Made in Germany. Top quality all natural horse head brush. Brown wooden...
Horse Body Brush large
Product ID : A10006
Made in Germany. Superior quality horse grooming brush with pure black...
Horse Finishing Brush Horse Hair
Product ID : A 10031
Made in Germany. Top quality horse finishing brush with brown wood block,...
Horse Finishing Brush Goat's Hair large
Product ID : A10008
Made in Germany.Perfect soft finishing brush with dust-attracting goats hair....