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Nessentials carries a wide variety of all natural body massage brushes for dry massaging your body, to exfoliate, remove dry skin, improve circulation, immune system, energy flow, to lower acid household and reduce cellulite. Materials: wood, natural boar's bristles, bronze wire or plant fibers. Made in Germany. 100 % natural.
Dry Body Brush Soft Boar's Bristles Round large
Product ID : A5521
4 " Dry skin brush with natural boar's bristles round. Exfoliates and...
Dry Massage Face Brush Hand Made
Product ID : A3063
for dry massage only
Wellfit Dry Brush with handle
Product ID : A5207
The Health Brush. Steamed waxed beech wood, removable handle, cotton strap,...
Anti Cellulite Brush
Product ID : A5501
Waxed beechwood with round maplewood pins, cotton strap, for anti cellulite...
Body Ionic Massage Brush
Product ID : A5502
Best of the best body dry skin massage brush with fine bronze wire with...
Back Scratcher
Product ID : A5407
Oiled beechwood, pure all natural bristles, length 52 cm. Hand Made.