Scrubbers and Mops

Scrubbers and Mops Nessentials presents an assortment of quality made Scrubbers and Mops for the discerning eye.
Handle for Brooms and Scrubber Mops, with thread, unvarnished
Product ID : A1162
Wooden broom stick, with thread, unvarnished, 140 cm x 2,4 cm. Fits for all...
Bathtub Brush small
Product ID : A2005
Untreated beechwood, natural fibre, 20 cm. Good for sinks too.
Bathtub Brush large
Product ID : A2006
Untreated beechwood, natural fibre, 43 cm. Good for sinks and shower walls too.
Scrubber Mop Fiber w. thread Full
Product ID : A2015
Untreated beechwood with thread, pure all natural fiber, full edition, 23,5 cm
Scrubber Mop Union Full w. thread
Product ID : A2017
Untreated beechwood with thread, all natural strong Union fiber, full...
Scrubber Mop Union w. thread
Product ID : A2018
Untreated beechwood with thread, all natural strong Union fiber, 23.5 cm.
Mopping Cloth
Product ID : A2020
to be used over all floor scrubbers with long handles, 100 % woven cotton, 18...
Scrubbing Brush Union S Shape
Product ID : A2026
S-shape, untreated beechwood, Union, 19 cm.
Scrubbing Brush Fiber
Product ID : A2027
8-shape, unterated beechwood, all natural fiber, 17 cm.
Scrubbing Brush Root
Hot Deal
Product ID : A2029
Root fiber scrub brush by Redecker
Scrubbing Brush Fiber S shape
Product ID : A2030
Scrubbing Brush Fiber, S-shape, untreated beechwood, all natural fiber, 18 cm.