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Leonhardy Chung King Bristle Brush Set of 12, Hand Made
5 Rubens, 4 Angled, 3 Fan Brushes. High End Chung King Bristle, hand made by...
Leonhardy Fan Brush Set of 3, Hand Made
3 Fan Brushes sizes 5, 6 and 8. High End Chung King Bristle, hand made by...
Mens Leather Manicure Set "Antique"
leather, nail clipper, file, tweezers, Made in Germany
Mini Laptop Brush
Soft goat's hair for dusting off the screen, bristles to clean in between the...
Set of 3 Blow Dry Hair Brushes
Shaving Set 3 matt
Shaving set badger hair shaving brush, razor Gillette Mach 3, brushed...
Soft Indoor Boule / Petanque / Boccia Set in wooden box
A set of 6 soft bristle boules in an attractive, robust wooden case with...
“Useful Gifts” Set Bath- and Nail Brush Pearwood
Set of 2: Shower brush and Nail Brush waxed pear wood. Save $ 12.00 with this...
“Useful Gifts” Set Hair-, Bath- and Nail Brush Vegan
Set of 3: Bath and shower brush, hair brush, nail brush. Save $ 15.00 with...
“Useful Gifts” Set Kitchen 10 Brushes in Tin Cup
Safe $ 20 on this 10 piece set of kitchen brushes. Made in Germany.
“Useful Gifts” Set Newborn Baby Hairbrush and Scissors
Ultrasoft baby hair brush goats hair and bay nail scissors. Save $ 8.00 with...
Spring Cleaning Brush Set 2
Save $ 35 with this set: ingenious broom, scrubber, 1 handle, dustpan and...
Spring Cleaning Set 1
Save $ 30 with this set of one horse hair broom with wooden handle, scrubber...
Fountain Pen Cleo Natura Birch
Stabilized wood: birch, palladium plated fittings, stainless steel grip, 18 K...
Fountain Pen Cleo Natura Green
stabilized wood: box elder, palladium plated fittings, stainless steel grip,...
Fountain Pen Cleo Natura Amboyna Burl
hardwood - amboyna burl, fittings rose gold-plated, fountain pen cartridge /...