Dusters There is nothing better than a goat's hair brush to pick up dust - it's very VERY dust attracting. Nessentials carries goat's hair dusters in all different sizes and shapes for the different cleaning tasks: to dust chandeliers, ceiling fans, TVs, PCs, Computers, Kindles, Notebooks, lamp shades, blinds, collectibles, carved furniture, books, dashboards, cars or anything that needs detail dusting. All goat's hair dusters are Made in Germany, some of them are hand made. We also carry a wide variety of sizes of ostrich feather dusters from South Africa. Those are still our favorite tools to dust chandeliers or a whole arrangement of collectibles at the same time.
Computer Brush Light
Product ID : A3011
Computer Brush Thermowood
Product ID : A3012
Detail Dust Brush Goats Hair 2-3 colors
Product ID : A 3071
Dust Brush Goat's Hair 2-3 colors Hand Made
Product ID : A3073
Dust Brush Goat's Hair large 2-3 colors
Product ID : A 3072
Dusting Brush Goat's hair 2-3 colors small
Product ID : A 3074
Dusting Brush Vienna Style
Product ID : A3062
Hand made goat's hair duster 2-3 colors
Product ID : A 3060
PC Brush Goat's Hair Hand Made
Product ID : A3005
Pool Table Cleaning Brush natural soft boar's bristles
Product ID : A3090
Detail Dust Brush Double 2-3 colors
Product ID : A3030
Book Dust Brush Goat's Hair beechwood
Product ID : A3003